Thursday, February 2, 2012

Surat Airport - Now Open

Congratulations to all the Surtis! - SURAT AIRPORT is Now Open for Business

Most eagerly awaited and anticipated, Surat Airport is Now Open for Business.  Yes, Dear Surtis this is the most remarkable day in the history of Surat.  A Milestone achieved.  Great work to all the people who were involved behind getting and Opening up the Airport.   Politics aside, BJP or Congress whoever was responsible for this, Thank you.  Surtis will be forever indebted to this facility and convenience.

Connecting Surat to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and hence to international flights is going to be the biggest boon to the local businesses of Surat and surrounding areas as a good percentage of traffic at Mumbai International Airport is provided by the Gujarati community of Surat, Bardoli, Navsari, Valsad etc.

Surat's GDP of $22 Billion and a growth rate of 11.5% is among the top 10 cities in India.  Growing at a very fast pace thanks to it varied industries, mostly Diamonds and Textiles, Lowest Unemployment Rate, Drastically improved infrastructure and with the Airport connecting to international flights and very reasonable rates, Surat can only Prosper.  Sky is the Limit.


SpiceJet Schedule:

This is the current schedule for the flights subject to change, source

Origin Destination Flight No. Frequency Departure Arrival Starting Date Fares
Surat Delhi SG 152 Daily 16:00 hrs 17:45 hrs 1st Feb 2012 Rs 1499/-
Surat Mumbai SG 151 Daily 08:35 hrs 09:20 hrs 1st Feb 2012 Rs 999/-
Mumbai Surat SG 152 Daily 14:35 hrs 15:20 hrs 1st Feb 2012 Rs 999/-
Delhi Surat SG 151 Daily 06:20 hrs 08:05 hrs 1st Feb 2012 Rs 1499/- 

TOI - Surat Airport Updates  Times of India has a good collection of articles on the progress of Surat Airport.


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