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Dwarka - Where Lord Krishna lived

Dwarka or Dvarka (there are many variations of the name) in present times is a beautiful city, in Jamnagar District in the State of Gujarat.  It is one of the most ancient cities known in India and one of the Holiest.  There are numerous significant facts associated with the city of Dwarka.  

After renouncing the war in Mathura for the the greater good of the people living around that region.  Lord Krishna had the city built by Vishwakarma.   Dwarka City was master planned, on the banks of Gomati River, it was one of the most sophisticated cities ever built during that times.  Land was reclaimed from the sea near the western shores of Saurashtra.  This city was also known as Dvaramati, Dvaravati and Kushsthali. It had six well-organized sectors, residential and commercial zones, wide roads, plazas, palaces and many public utilities. A hall called "Sudharma Sabha" was built to hold public meetings. The city also boasted having the possession of a good sea harbour. The city had 700,000 palaces made of gold, silver and other precious stones. Each one of Lord Krishna's 16108 wives had her own palace. Besides this, the city had beautiful gardens filled with flowers of all seasons and beautiful lakes.

Up until the last few decades most of the western world only believed the "Story of Lord Krishna" and the city of Dwarka under water to be a Myth. Even though there were plentiful evidences of the existence of such city in the form of discovered or recovered artifacts, which had dated back to that era.  

It is said that people during that time interacted with Aliens, I couldn't find much regarding this in the commonly available books about this topic.  But we've all heard the stories from our Grandmas and Grandpas about how they used to have Flying Chariots and Flying Carpets during those days.  And people still laughed at the idea of it. Being the scientists that we are, we always needed proof of everything, which is a good thing.  Here is an interesting research that I came across from the History Channel on "Vimana" also means ancient machines which with the help of gyroscopes can also fly, Airplane.

Vimanas,” The History Channel website, (accessed Mar 31, 2011).

ISKCON scholar and popular author Drutakarma Das recently gave an interview for the History Channel`s new show Ancient Aliens.

Discovering Dwarka

From History Channel - “Underwater Worlds,” The History Channel website, (accessed Mar 31, 2011).

Ancient underwater cities can be found around the globe, but could these aquatic worlds be the ruins of unknown civilizations--or even proof of extraterrestrial visitations? The infamous tale of the long lost city of Atlantis may be a preserved memory of an ancient alien metropolis. Beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru, the ruins of recently discovered temples support local legends of an underwater UFO base. Ancient Indian texts, known as Sangams, describe sunken cities where aliens and humans intermingled thousands of years ago.
Among many other interesting finds, the new episode of the History Channel`s Ancient Aliens series (entitled "Underwater Worlds") presents the recent underwater discovery of Krishna`s sunken city Dwaraka.

It is super interesting to find things we never knew few years back about our history and heritage.  I find it really funny that thousands of years back our ancestors were able to build something this advance and sophisticated and today in this century and modern world with all the technological advance we (Indians) can't even go deep into the water to research what is beneath that water. From the above video it seems that some progress has been made.  I hope to see more related to this.  If you have come across any interesting material or have researched on a similar topic then please send me an email and I can incorporate in this article.  Thanks.  archersf at gmail dot com


History Channel


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